Deleting clusters

Delete user cluster

This section is for platform administrators.

Option 1: Delete from Management Center Console

  1. In Management Center Console, open the Clusters menu.

  2. In the list of clusters, click the user cluster that you want to delete.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Click Delete.

Once the deletion request is submitted, it takes a few minutes to completely delete the cluster. After the cluster is completely reset, it is automatically removed from the dashboard. The nodes that were part of the cluster are free to be added to other clusters if needed.

Option 2 (Delete from command line):

If you need to delete a user cluster, run the following command:

kubectl -n cluster-${USER_CLUSTER} \
  delete Cluster $USER_CLUSTER --kubeconfig=${ADMIN_KUBECONFIG}

Delete admin cluster

This section is for infrastructure operators.

If you need to delete the admin cluster, all the user clusters belonging to it MUST be deleted first and then run the following command:

actl clusters baremetal reset admin