Release notes

This document lists production updates to Anthos private mode. We recommend that Anthos private mode developers periodically check this list for any new announcements.

Version 1.8.2


  • Anthos on bare metal private mode
    • Updated to Anthos on bare metal 1.8.3.
  • Anthos Config Management
    • Improved health check and status information.
  • Anthos Service Mesh
    • Added support for version 1.9.8-asm.1.
  • Cluster and machine management
    • Machine recycling.
      • Version 1.8.2 allows recycling a machine resource (node) taken from a cluster through node removal or cluster deletion. You no longer need to recreate a machine resource for reuse in a new cluster.
    • Multiple node pools support.
      • Worker nodes can now be added or removed across multiple node pools with user-provided names. Previously, all worker nodes for a cluster were added to a single node pool called <cluster-name>-worker-node-pool.
    • Added an option that lets you clean up a user cluster related namespace along with Anthos Config Management and Anthos Service Mesh bindings in the cluster deletion flow.
  • Preview: Terraform scripts
    • Added sample Terraform scripts available for download from the Support tab.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the main branch of the Anthos Config Management repository to be initialized instead of the specified branch.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked Anthos Service Mesh binding resource deletion after the deletion of a user cluster.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented cert-manager from issuing ACME certificates over HTTP due to ImagePullBackOff errors.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect release of non-reusable bootstrap services after the deletion of an owning user cluster.

Version 1.8.1


  • Anthos on bare metal private mode
    • Updated to Anthos on bare metal 1.8.2.
  • Anthos Config Management
    • Added support for version 1.7.2.
  • UI
    • Various CLI tools are now available for download on the Support tab.
  • Observability
    • New built-in DeploymentNotReady alert.


  • Improved health check on observability components.
  • Removed broken inter-links from metrics dashboards.
  • Added a notification to refresh the page when navigating with an expired OIDC authentication cookie.
  • Fixed excessive inode usage for logs.

API changes

  • Alerts
    • CertManagerAbsent is deprecated (use DeploymentNotReady instead).

Version 1.8

Anthos for Bare Metal operating in Private Mode

Anthos private mode is for enterprises who want to deploy Anthos in an environment isolated from Google Cloud. Built on Anthos on bare metal, the key feature of Anthos private mode is a local control plane that is installed at the client site, and enables Anthos to be fully managed locally, without a connection to the Anthos control plane hosted on Google Cloud.

Anthos private mode is designed to address the needs of customers who want to deploy in an isolated environment in order to satisfy operations, legal and regulatory requirements impacting the transfer and storage of data. In addition to the local control plane, Anthos private mode provides core Anthos services like Anthos Config Management, Anthos Service Mesh, and Anthos Identity Service.

Key Features:

  • Anthos local Management Center
  • Anthos on bare metal
  • Anthos Service Mesh
  • Anthos Config Management
  • Anthos Identity Service
  • Local observability (Prometheus & Grafana)
  • Local logging (Loki)
  • Update Center with private registry
  • Basic supportability tools