Anthos Config Management issues

This page lists steps that help you troubleshoot configuration issues while using Anthos private mode.

Anthos Config Management status

For details on how to check the status of Anthos Config Management, see View Anthos Config Management status.

Config Sync error codes

See Error reference for information on error codes you might encounter with Anthos Config Management.

Troubleshoot Config Sync

For problems with your Config Sync installation, see Troubleshooting Config Sync.

Syntax errors

Run nomos vet at the root of your repository (defined by policyDir in your Config Management YAML).

This command checks the syntax and validity of the configuration files in the Git repository. If syntax errors are found, the nomos vet command exits with a non-zero status and logs error messages to STDERR.

Here's a sample output:

nomos vet
Error: errors for cluster "defaultcluster": 1 error(s)

[1] KNV2001: yaml: line 6: could not find expected ':'

path: /home/user/config-management-repo/foo-corp/namespaces/sre-rolebinding.yaml

For more information, see

  nomos vet [flags]

  nomos vet
  nomos vet --path=my/directory
  nomos vet --path=/path/to/my/directory

      --clusters strings       Accepts a comma-separated list of Cluster names to use in multi-cluster commands. Defaults to all clusters. Use "" for no clusters.
  -h, --to for vet
      --no-api-server-check    If true, disables talking to the API Server for discovery.
      --path string            Root directory to use as a Anthos Configuration Management repository. (default ".")
      --source-format string   If "hierarchy", validate as a Anthos Configuration Management repository. If "unstructured", validate as an unstructured repository. (default "hierarchy")

errors for cluster "defaultcluster": 1 error(s)

[1] KNV2001: yaml: line 6: could not find expected ':'

path: /home/user/config-management-repo/foo-corp/namespaces/sre-rolebinding.yaml

For more information, see

Create a bug report

Use the nomos bugreport command to gather relevant logs and configurations in one place and store them in a timestamped zip file. For more information, go to Creating a bug report.

To run the nomos command-line tool for troubleshooting, see Downloading command-line tools for details on how to download a corresponding version of the tool from the Anthos Management Center Console.

nomos status output

nomos status displays data and errors about your Config Sync installation. The expected nomos status command output looks similar to the following:

nomos status
Connecting to clusters...
Current   Context     Sync Status      Last Synced Token   Sync Branch   Resource Status
-------   -------     -----------      -----------------   -----------   ---------------
*         cluster-1   SYNCED           54ae5182            1.0.0         Healthy

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